My eBay login

Seeing a hyperlink directing you to my ebay
login people might well think that the link will take them to the login page
for ebay. Whilst it may well do just that you should remember that ebay itself
doesn’t use my ebay login as a link or header for people to use to login to
ebay – instead they use the term; Sign in. Seeing my ebay login could well just
lead to a webpage that can capture your ebay login id and password, meaning
that you could quickly find your ebay account being manipulated by someone
other than yourself. However, there can also be other reasons why you might
quite rightly use a hyperlink offering you a “my ebay login” page.


Using my ebay login to get to the ebay ‘Sign in’ page

Whilst most people will put the website
addresses, or urls, for websites they frequently visit into their web-browsers
‘Favorites’ or ‘Bookmark’ folder – many people either never think to do it or
even forget that they have done it. Subsequently every time they want to login,
or rather sign in, to ebay they do a search in their website search engine for
the ebay website. The safest, and best thing, to do is to simply type the word
“ebay” into the search engine and then select the hyperlink for in
order to see the “Sign in” link on the ebay Home Page. Unfortunately some
people would rather be taken direct to the ‘Sign in’ page itself. The correct
thing to type in to their search engine would be “ebay sign in”. However, again
for all sorts of reasons people type in all manner of things – all of which the
search engine needs to be aware could mean that the person is actually
searching for the ebay ‘Sign in’ webpage. So if someone types in a combination
of words including “ebay” the search engine may well try and anticipate the
actual webpage they are looking for; so “ebay sign in” and “ebay login” will
both produce search engine results offering the ebay ‘sign in’ page. Altering
the searched for text to something like “my ebay login” will still lead to the
ebay ‘sign in’ page being offered.


Other possible results for asking about my ebay login

If you do click on a hyperlink inviting you
to a “my ebay login” webpage that doesn’t go to ebay, it doesn’t have to mean that
someone is trying to interfere with your actual ebay account. Lots of business
minded individuals have seen the power of ebay in encouraging all manner of
folk to get involved in buying and selling online and want to set up similar
websites. Subsequently there are a lot of websites that are clones, or copies,
of ebay, doing the same sort of job as the ebay website does. Because ebay is
such a strong brand name these other websites have difficulty attracting people
to them to do their trading. One way of attracting users to their website is to
give the illusion that they are in some way part of the ebay organization. Once
someone is attracted to the other company’s website it will be quite apparent
that they are in fact a different company, not ebay, but at least they have got
people to visit their website and can put their sales pitch to them.


Problems with ebay logins

The most common problem when logging in to
ebay is people forgetting their passwords and even their user id. Whilst the
ebay ‘Sign in’ page tells you what to do if you’ve forgotten your password -
forgetting your ebay id is a much bigger problem. By entering my ebay login to
a search engine you’ll be offered many links, some of which will take you to
websites offering help and advice about regaining entry to the ebay website.
However, on a note of caution, do not reveal your ebay id or password to any of
these other websites. Simply follow their instructions for what to do on the
official ebay website.