My eBay Account

I suppose it’s done just to make sure you
feel you have ownership of it; but just about everything on ebay begins with
‘My’ – like My ebay or My ebay account. For anyone that’s new to ebay setting
up a My ebay account is very straightforward. All you need to do is follow the
really simple My ebay account instructions that appear on your screen and it’s
as easy as A, B, C to set up a My ebay account. However, a tip before you start
to register for a My ebay account on your computer is to have ready at least
one of your bank account details, a credit cards’ details or your PayPal
details to hand; as without a finance record you won’t be able to complete
setting up your ebay account. Exactly how much detail you record when setting
up a My ebay account is entirely up to you. If you’re only going to be a buyer
on ebay then you really don’t need to say a lot. However, if you intend selling
through a My ebay account; the more information you put – the more likely
you’re going to interest buyers to your ebay account.


My ebay accounts and sellers

If you’re going to sell on ebay you can
just put up a simple ebay advert and wait for bids to come in. That’s fine if
you’re just dabbling in ebay or trying to off-load some old stuff that’s in
your way. However, there are things you can do with an ebay account to get
people more interested in you and what you have to sell. To do this one of the
crucial things you have to do is to build up your reputation on ebay. In your
‘My ebay account’ folder you’ll find an option to create an ‘About me’ web-page
- doing this is highly recommended.


My ebay account and an ‘About me’ page

Free of charge in your ebay account is the
opportunity to create what ebay calls an ‘About me’ web-page. You may well think
- well it’s my ebay account and I’ll write what I want about myself – the fact
is that using your ‘About me’ page is your opportunity to inform people why
they should buy from you, rather than some other ebay seller. There can be a
tendency to put too much personal information into an ‘About me’ page. If you
are selling something that requires people to have a personal attachment to you
this might be OK; perhaps if you were selling books about self-development and
have a particular personal story to relate to them. However, for most people,
selling most things; it’s more important to use the opportunity an ebay ‘About
me’ web-page gives you to promote yourself in terms of how reliable and
reputable you are as a seller on ebay.


Problems with my ebay account.

There have recently been some reports of
ebay accounts being at least hacked at if not actually hacked into. In my
opinion ebay is very good at sorting out these problems and alerting customers
to them. However, one way of reducing your risks here is to make sure you have
different ids and passwords for any finances you use in ebay, compared to those
you use to access your own ‘My ebay account’. Another thing you could do is to
create a second ebay account. We all know that as a seller on ebay you’ll trade
better if you have good ratings – so you might not want to dilute your seller
ratings across more than one account. However, if you’re really into ebay
selling and trade across several different commodities then having an ebay
account specializing in each commodity could actually reinforce your reputation
as a seller of that item, as your ratings would refer to just that one thing.
Also, having a different ebay account through which you buy things could be a
good idea too. This can be particularly helpful if you have trouble keeping
track of your accounts in terms of how much you’ve spent and how much is coming
in. By having separate buying and selling ebay accounts you’re more likely to
check your finances before hitting that buy or sell button.