eBay Seller Tools

Top Five eBay Selling Tools


From creating professional listings to tracking sales and accounting, eBay has a host of tools to assist new and experienced sellers to make their task easier. Most of them free and some of them subscription based, all of them are worth a try for all eBay sellers.


Turbo Lister

Turbo Lister is a free download tool from eBay, which allows you to list thousands of items on a go. Both novice and experienced sellers use Turbo Lister. Create professional looking listings and edit them as and when you need it. It makes the task of duplicating and creating new listings with existing listing template. You can create listings of hundreds of items and preview them all on your desktop before uploading the listing.

Selling Manager (Sellers Assistant Basic and Sellers Assistant Pro)

Conveniently located in My eBay, Selling Manager goes hand in hand with Turbo Lister for a complete sales management solution. Both are useful for small to medium scale eBay sellers. Fully equipped with desktop listing facilities and sales management tools, both are designed to save precious time spent online. You can create bulk listings and manage your after-sale activities like sending buyer feedback, printing invoice and labels, and documenting the sales. Use it to find out whether you made profits or loss.

EBay Stores

EBay Stores were originally created to provide a fast, convenient selling experience to eBay sellers. Creating a customized eBay storefront helps bring in some credibility. You can also list all the products you sell at a place. You can also cross sell your products for more sales. It is your own personal selling space within eBay, where you are free to add your own logo and your own brand image. New eBay storefront sellers have witnessed their sales grow by 25% within three months of setting up an individual eBay store. If you are serious about eBay business, you just can’t get away without an eBay storefront.

EBay Sales Reports

Track your sales and profits with eBay sales reports. Give more scalability to your business and identify your key performers. All small to medium volume sellers must make use of eBay sales report for greater scalability of their sales. You can make appropriate changes to your business model to come up with better sales performance. Nurture the winning horses and drop the losers. With eBay sales reports, you are in a better position to dictate terms of your own business.

EBay Express

Actually an extension of eBay.com, eBay Express is an option you should explore if you plan to give more muscle to your eBay business. You don’t have to do anything special to qualify for selling in eBay Express. The fixed price eBay items are automatically listed in eBay express too, provided the seller has a good rate of positive review from buyers and sellers (98% positive feedback with a minimum of hundred feedbacks). List more products as Buy Now items and you will be tapping too-busy-to-bid-and-watch customers too