eBay Buyer Rights

Rights of eBay buyers

When you buy things on eBay, you pay the seller before they send you the item. That is fine until something bad happens. You, as a buyer, are vulnerable to all sorts of problems. You might not get the items you have paid for, or they might be damaged or faulty. So what to do then? Do you have any right as a buyer in eBay?
As a citizen, you have several rights. Likewise you have your rights also in eBay. You, as a buyer, have two very important rights when you buy on eBay.

The right to receive your item

Buying on eBay is similar to buying from a shop. You have the same rights as buyer. You have an added advantage that the seller is not allowed to change their mind about selling you the item. When the auction ends, it becomes a contract and you must buy and they must sell, or face eBay’s penalties.

When you buy on eBay, the seller might never send you the item or forgot or made a mistake and never sent the item, or maybe it was somehow lost in the mail. But you paid for the item and you should get it or get your money refunded.  Whether the undelivered item is the seller’s blunder or not, if it doesn’t get to it’s intended destination as described in the advertisement then you as the buyer have a right to a refund or replacement.
Ask for a replacement or a refund if you find such a situation. The seller should oblige or otherwise he/she will face penalties.

The rights for your Item

You have paid for an item and when it was delivered to you, you found a totally different item or the item was the same but damaged or broken. What can you do? You have the second right for this as a buyer at eBay. You should receive the item as described in the auction and in good condition.
Items may be damaged during shipping because the seller did not package them properly. Sometimes the seller provides wrong and misleading descriptions or leave out critical details that would have helped you not to buy. If this happens to you, again you have the right to a refund or replacement. Ask the seller for it and contact eBay if needed.

Using Your Rights

You should take it up with the seller first. Get the contact information from eBay. Most of them will be responsive to you, so as not to damage their reputation. They fear that you as an upset buyer may leave negative feedback for all their future buyers to see. They may even face penalties for such repetition.
If the seller does not respond or the issue does not get settled, then report it to eBay. eBay have a relatively effective set of automatic process to handle common problems buyers and sellers encounter while the buying and selling process.
If that also does not work, you should approach consumer groups and forums in your country. As the last resort ask for advice from the police.

Don’t Be Too Quick

Do not be too quick in taking action. EBay facilitates a communication between the buyer and the seller. Try to solve it within you and the seller. There may be many a things that can go wrong like delay in the post office, problem with the address. There are some sellers who will agree to give you refunds for undelivered items. Always try your best to communicate and think of everything that might have gone wrong. It is always better to sort out the problems among buyers and sellers, instead of reporting each other to the authorities straight away.

Final Thoughts

These rights will make your buying more secure and will help you whenever you are in any difficulty. Rights are always there and you can exercise them whenever you want to. First if you learn them well and understand, then it will be easy for you to use them. These rights are necessary to safeguard your interest on eBay. They will save you from being duped and losing your money.