eBay Auction Tools

Buy Smart with eBay Auction Tools

You felt a special attachment to an item you found at eBay and you made a good bid on the item. The closing time of the auction is 3 in the morning, the time you badly want to sleep. It is in similar situations that you think of an eBay auction tool that will automatically bid for you if someone bids higher than your bid. In fact, there are quite a few auction tools available from eBay and third party software vendors that inform you about the status of an auction and even do the auction for you up to your maximum limit.

EBay Toolbar
The free eBay toolbar is alerts you of favorite auctions, and provides 1-click access to favorite eBay areas like My eBay. It is also a safeguard against spoof/phishing attacks.

EBay Proxy Bidder
Proxy bid tool from eBay allows you to set the maximum amount you are willing to pay. It does not mean you pay the maximum amount up front. When another bidder bids on the product you choose, eBay will automatically compare the new bid with your maximum willing-to-pay amount. If the new bid is lesser than your maximum, eBay will place a bid for you, which will be the sum of competitor bid plus the minimum increase in bid amount. If it is a novice, without knowledge of proxy bidding, he or she will feel either cheated or badly pitted against a bidder with fast internet connection and faster bidding skills.

Auction Sniper
Be a sharp shooter at eBay auctions. Don’t miss another last second bid. You do have experience seeing your favorite eBay item shot away by some last minute sniper. Auction Sniper automatically puts your bid, especially towards the closing moments of an auction. There are no downloads and you can go to sleep while auction sniper bids for you on the very last second of the bidding. Hey, some mamma will also be using some auction snipers too – however you have better chances of winning the products you like. You can also create a bid-group, where you can bid for an item from different sellers till you win one.

Similar tools are Power Snipe, Auction Stealer, etc. Prospector is an eBay approved eBay search gatherer that periodically updates you about new listings and changes.

If you don’t like eBay system of bidding and waiting game, but likes eBay, you can make use of Buy it Now offers that appear in eBay listings, eBay stores and most importantly in eBay Express. EBay Express is one service where you can buy products for a fixed price, just like you used to do at different e-commerce websites. You can also have a shopping cart, to which you can add products and pay for them all in one go.

Keep in mind that bidding and waiting for an auction win at eBay is a joyous experience with little comparisons. Yes, the auction tools take away some of the fun, even then it is a rewarding experience to win a competition, even if it includes spending some money.